Launch Week

It was approximately one year ago that I signed the publication contract with Enfield and Wizenty. The idea of the launch has seemed like a distant event for so long, but it is now only a couple days away. It was such an amazing feeling to actually hold the initial copy of the book in my hands, and now it is time to get it in the hands of others.

Planning the launch posed a number of questions, but the biggest one for me involved the choice of venue. I have been to a number of launches that took place in Toronto bars that sometimes involved a lot of organization including the accompaniment of live music. But, after giving this some thought I felt that a more low-key event in a bookstore was a better fit. I approached Ben Mcnally Books because of its location and its atmosphere. Where better to celebrate the launch of a novel than in a beautiful bookstore? This notion was fortified by the sad fact that there simply aren't many independent bookstores left in the city. The market is being abated by the convenience of online shopping. I for one still value the apparent luxury of brick and mortar stores where you can peruse the shelves, hold a book in your hand, and purchase a book from a person who is passionate about reading and the preservation of the book in its physical form.

And so the journey continues. Thursday May 7th is the day my debut novel Gracelessland will be formally introduced to a small congregation of friends, colleagues, and aquaintences. The real challenge, of reaching unknown readers, lies ahead.

ben mcnally.jpg

Ben Mcnally Books—366 Bay Street, Toronto

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