Riverdale Artwalk

I recently received notice that I was accepted into the juried Riverdale Artwalk, (June 6 and 7) where I will be selling the illustrations posted on this website—a body of renderings on birch panels that I have been working on since last fall. While writing involves an emmersive and sustained committment to the construction of a complete narrative, drawing is more of a meditative process that for me involves a singular focus. One of the rewards of drawing is that visual art can be easily shared, which means the artist can experience a more immediate connection to his or her audience. Both writing and drawing are integral and neccessary expressions of my need to connect and interact with the world both real and imagined.

whale for web.jpg

I am also excited to report that my dear friend Ivano Stocco who is a very talented painter and sculptor will also be at the show.

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