As an artist who divides his time between illustration, writing fiction, and songwriting, I am constantly exploring the aesthetic, contemplative, and lyrical nature of narrative. For me, all three disciplines are sensual and meditative expressions of my intellectual and emotional grapplings with the world. Drawing allows me to concentrate on the form and detail of a subject and to contemplate its nature and beauty—to look closely, to study, and to imagine. Inspired by the works of the naturalist painter, John James Audubon, and the whimsical notebook renderings of Leonardo da Vinci, my illustrations attempt to capture the iconic quality of a subject and to express the wonder inherent in the ordinary. Writing fiction on the other hand, is a process which involves the construction and exploration of new realities and characters where problems of memory, truth, meaning, and sometimes the impossible, converge.  My short fiction has been nominated for the Journey Prize and won Silver at the National Magazine Awards. My debut novel, Gracelessland, was published in 2015, and a new collection of stories entitled Somewhere North of Normal is forthcoming in the fall of 2018. Songwriting, being the third artistic avenue of expression, is another narrative form that allows me to explore a particular sentiment or condition but with the addition of melody and performance. My interests here are primarily acoustic and voice focussed. 


My illustrations, fiction, and a collection of demos can be explored on this website by clicking on the Portfolio button.